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The Division Between Astronomy and Astrology

In the early days of science there was a strong link among many between science and religion. Remember how some people thought the earth was the center of the universe? Of course, the form of astrology has become more separate from astronomy, the scientific field that has been used for studying the skies for centuries. Astronomy and astrology have been well divided but they are both sciences that have been linked over time.


Astrology is considered to be a very spiritual thing. The horoscopes that appear in newspapers and those small scrolls for sale at grocery store checkouts are samples of how astrology works in society. This is essentially a way of looking into the stars and space patterns to see how things will change for people of different astrological signs.

The division between these two forms of science became evidence in the first century. Tetrabiblos, a book on astronomy by Ptolemy, was written at this time. Ptolemy suggested here that astronomy should be separate and that science and religion should not be partnered. This led to his theory that the earth is not the center of the universe and that there is more than what is found on the planet. Ptolemy's work would become a turning point for studies into the world and a change of thought among many.

One of the main arguments about astrology is that it does not offer scientific proof of things. Astronomy offers scientific proof, but instead of proving that certain things will happen in other peoples' lives it is used to prove and accurately predict tides and other weather conditions over the course of the year. These are all scientific forces and not mystical things.

Of course, astrology is not something to completely frown upon. While it is true that there is a notable difference from science and religion it should be noted that astrology can be an important part of a person's spiritual life and that it should not be frowned upon. Besides, astrology is, like other forms of study, evolving, and for this it should be one that people can follow if they want to. Besides, who knows what discoveries on astrology will be made in the future. Plus, when both science and religion are able to unite in harmony many great things can happen and people will not be so argumentative in terms of which side is greater.

Astronomy and astrology are both completely different forms of study. Both deal with the stars and other places in the universe. Astronomy is more of a scientific study while astrology is more of a spiritual study. However, the link between the two has broken up over time but they are still both notable studies that individual work on every day.


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